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Biography for Bishop James A. Hartsfield, Apostle and Senior Pastor

Bishop James A. Hartsfield was born to James and Bessie Hartsfield on January 27, 1971. He made Jesus his Lord and personal savior at the age of six years old and preached his first official sermon at the age of seven. His first revival was held at Benjamin Temple Church of God in Christ. Being the youngest preacher in the City of Rochester, he captured the attention of Channel 8 news. He was licensed to preach and to exercise his God given gifts and talents at the age of ten by Pastor Louvenia Johnson.
Dr. Vonnel Benjamin of Benjamin Temple ordained him two years later. Fully led and inspired by the Holy Ghost, he received his Pastoral training early. At the age of twelve years old, he became the Assistant Youth Pastor at Mt. Sinai Johnson Holy Temple and at the age of fifteen years old he was elevated to the positions of Youth Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent. In 1990, Minister Hartsfield received his Associate Degree from RBC School of Theology, Pastor Steven and Alphonso Galvano; principals. On August 14, 1992 under the anointed leadership of Minister James, the Youth Connection Crusade Choir was birthed. YCC, a 61 voice choir, traveled the country singing and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In 1995, Bishop Hartsfield was consecrated into the office of Bishop and appointed as Presiding Prelate over Mt. Sinai International Ministries, Inc., a compilation of several churches located throughout the United States of America. In the spring of 1999, Bishop Lucas of St. Luke Church of God in Christ International of Trenton, New Jersey honored Bishop Hartsfield with his Doctrine of Divinity. In March of 2000, the mantle of Pastor Louvenia Johnson was passed on to him. Within two years, the ministry collectively grew to 2500 members. In September of 2002, under the mighty hand of God and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit, Bishop James A. Hartsfield answered the clarion call given by Jesus to Apostleship.
On January 27, 2008, a Mayoral Proclamation was given to Apostle Hartsfield by Mr. Darryl Porter, Assistant to Mayor Robert J. Duffy, honoring him for 30 years of Preaching the Gospel of Christ and his continuous dedication of serving in the City of Rochester.
In August of 2009, instructed by God the Father, Apostle Hartsfield changed the name of the church from Mt. Sinai International Ministries to Miracle Valley Deliverance City (MVDC), where signs and wonders follow them that believe.
On November 14, 2019, Apostle Hartsfield was presented his Doctoral Degree from Grace Bible College and Theological Seminary by Professors Robert and Teresa Sutherlin.
Apostle James A. Hartsfield has three children: two sons, Kevin and Keith, and one daughter, Kemani Hartsfield. He is also the proud grandfather of five granddaughters London, Kayla, Geianni, Kori, and Jordyn.

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